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Make it Sparkle! A note from Chiara

When it comes to conscious celebration, there are many reasons to pop something good...from a can

I know what you're thinking... sparking wine in cans? But for bubbly-lovers seeking to enjoy wine more consciously, there are many reasons to go beyond the bottle and introduce canned options into your drinking and entertaining repertoire.

Carbon-Footprint Conscious

As many of you know, I love an elegant bottle of Champagne, but the cold hard facts are that glass is very energy-intensive to make, and cans have a much lower carbon footprint than glass in this respect. Cans are also lighter and easier to transport than glass, requiring less wasteful packaging materials, which further reduces the carbon footprint. I could go on, but depending on your values, needs and intentions, cans may be the more eco-conscious choice for you. If you haven't given cans a chance, now is the time!

Variety, Quality and Value

I truly appreciate the smaller 250 ML serving size of these sleek cans. There are many instances when this smaller format simply makes more sense than opening bottle after bottle. 250 ML is equivalent to one-third of a bottle, or about a glass and a half (that's a single serving in my book). As a hostess, this means I can offer more variety to accommodate a small group with different tastes. And let's be clear: these are high quality wines, not to be confused with mass produced canned wine you can find at big box retailers. They are small-lot production premium sparkling wines from organic and sustainably farmed grapes, vinified naturally, and made by REAL PEOPLE with love. And since cans cost less for the winery to use than glass, this often translates to the canned version of the same wine representing a better value overall for the money.

Casual, Effortless and Chic

The pandemic certainly accelerated the trend toward people hosting more casual gatherings and parties centered around the living room couch, in person or on Zoom. But even though we may still be in pajamas, that doesn't mean we need to lower the bar of the bar! What I love about these cans from Two Shepherds, which come in sparkling white and red, is that they bring elements of quality, whimsy and fun to enliven even the most causal affair. Throw them in your favorite ice bucket and serve in crystal stemware et voilà! An instant—and sommelier-approved—soiree.

It is not too late to take advantage of the Mindful Wine discount my curated wine bundles, a special collaboration with Sonoma-based natural winemakers, Two Shepherds Wine.

This offer includes a fabulous set of mixed canned sparkling wines. Small-batch produced with minimal intervention from organic and sustainably grown grapes and made by REAL PEOPLE, this is both a mindful and eco-conscious place to start if you're interested in giving cans a try.

The discount code and more details are below. I invite you head on over to the Two Shepherds website and place your orders today!

Happy Holidays and Cheers,


Take 10% off any Mindful Wine bundle or gift

Use code MINDFUL for 20% off two bundles or more!

Offer valid through 12/31/22


Real wine, made with joy

Two Shepherds is a small family-owned and operated winery located in Sonoma County, California. They are very close to my heart as I have known the founder, William Allen, for over a decade since his early days as a blogger turned garagiste winemaker who earned the reputation as a master of small lots. He was joined by the brilliant Karen Daenen in 2015, and since that time the farm has grown to include dogs, cats, mini donkey, goats, and chickens along with the planting of their regenerative estate vineyard. Everything they do is a true labor of love, and you can taste the joy in each sip.

Curated Bundles

Mindful Unicorn Bundle

Two Shepherds works with some of California's most unique and rare grape varietals, three of which can be found in the Mindful Unicorn Bundle: Picpoul, Trousseau Gris, and Pinot Meunier. It doesn't get much more "unicorn" than Two Shepherds' Trousseau Gris (a rare mutation of Trousseau Noir) from the only known planting in California. Add skin-contact and you have the stuff of myth! That said, there are hardly more than a handful of Picpoul or Pinot Meunier vineyards out west. Picpoul is native to Southern France where it is a beloved partner to oysters and shellfish. And while Pinot Meunier is most commonly used as a blending grape in Champagne, it is a rare sighting as a still red there, and even rarer in California. (P.S. - If you love the wines of Burgundy, this Pinot Meunier is sure to enchant. It has quite a devoted following and very limited in supply.)

Mindful Winter Red Bundle

Two Shepherds works with some of California's most celebrated old vine sources, like the Trimble Vineyard of Mendocino which is home to 75 year-old certified organic Carignan vines, among others. Carignan is a Mediterranean grape that is well-adapted to a warm, dry climate. Once it gets established, it can be farmed without irrigation—a major climate plus in California!—and yields a style of juicy yet structured red that is impossible to resist. You can find this earth-friendly red in the Mindful Winter Red Bundle, along with the inaugural Grenache Noir from Two Shepherds' regeneratively farmed estate vineyard—another earth-friendly treat!—and a very special reserve release of Syrah-Mourvedre to round out a heartwarming trio.

Sparkling Cans Mixed Case

Perhaps you saw this episode of Champagne Friday with Two Shepherds when I shared what makes sparkling canned wine so awesome and we discussed why canned wine in general is so important to broader climate goals. Cans are vastly less carbon intensive than glass to make, and weigh significantly less, both factors that can reduce much of the carbon footprint involved in the production and transport of wine. Cans help preserve freshness, too—which is why they are perfect options for sparkling wines to enjoy this trio! Your Sparkling Mixed Case includes bubbly red, orange and piquette, each one named for a different farm animal with its own sparkling personality and story. Each case includes 24 (!) cans and FREE shipping. A superb value!

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