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The Power of Intention

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so."—William Shakespeare

As a wine professional and spiritual seeker with a genuine curiosity about what motivates us and inspires well-being on our deepest levels, I am devoted to promoting healthy and balanced living with wine.

There is rich history, tradition, and beautiful sacred rituals surrounding wine. It is one of our most ancient of plant medicines with the power to transform consciousness and bring people together in spirits of joy, gratitude, communion and celebration.

The thing is, wine needs our intention for its magic to work.

If we approach a glass of wine from a place of ambivalence, shame or unrealistic expectations, the resulting experience can serve to exacerbate those feelings. This can erode our sense of well-being, lead to negative thought patterns and habits, or worse. I've been there. Perhaps you have, too.

On the other hand, it is amazing how different—how meaningful and empowering—wine experiences can be with the energy of mindful intention. When we give wine the full capacity of our attention and imbue the moment with a healthy, safe and positive purpose, we can awaken its powers to transcend barriers and inspire the divine connection our souls crave.

As for me, I am certainly ready for more more divine connection this year. I have exciting plans in the works for Mindful Wine experiences including classes, wine country getaways and my 2023 Pacific Northwest Wine Cruise, all to be announced soon. I very much hope to raise a glass with you at one of these events. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, January is the perfect month to put a little extra intention behind restocking the wine cellar. To help with this, my special curated bundle offer in partnership with Two Shepherds Winery is extended through the end of the month. Not only will you get delicious wines that over-deliver in value for the price, but your purchase also goes towards supporting a small independent family farm that is making wine ecologically and transparently in an industry dominated by conglomerates.

Supporting a wine business like this has SO MANY positive effects that ripple throughout the community and along the supply chain. I could go on, but you can find more details via the link to order above. The donkeys, goats, birds, bees, humans and monarch butterflies will thank you!

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. You can always reach me at

Namaste and Cheers,


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