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Consultig Services

Consulting Services

Founded by Chiara Shannon, Mindful Wine™ offers expert wine industry consulting services catering to small and mid-size wine businesses. We specialize in businesses that share our core values of wisdom, diversity, mindfulness and sustainability.

Whether you are a startup wine brand looking for industry guidance or an established business seeking fresh perspective, we will help you navigate the nuanced challenges of the global wine industry so that you can grow, adapt, and thrive.


Our services are customized to suit each client and may include:

  • Business development and brand strategy

  • Product development, quality assessment, and sensory evaluation

  • Route-to-market and sales strategy

  • Innovation and experiential marketing 

Chiara brings a unique combination of expertise, experience and conscious professionalism that appeals to purpose-driven brands for whom average is not enough and above and beyond is just right.


We also collaborate with organizations and thought leaders across industries to provide wine expertise and experiences for niche audiences.

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