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Los Pilares of San Diego County

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Mindful Wine Journal: Producer Spotlight

Los Pilares | San Diego County, CA

Los Pilares is an exciting wine project in North San Diego County, a California wine region with a history of grape growing and wine production dating back to the Colonial period. Coleman Cooney, Kyley Morgan, Jay McCarthy, and Michael Christian were garagiste vignerons before founding Los Pilares in 2010 with the mission of making natural wines reflective of the unique terroir and history of the region. They ferment with native yeasts, use no oak and the wines are never filtered or fined. All the fruit comes from sustainable vineyards in the backcountry and mountains of San Diego County, including the Hunter Mazetti Vineyard, which is owned and farmed by members of the Luiseno tribe on the Rincon Indian Reservation.

What we love...


This fizzy "pet nat"-style sparkler comes from vines planted in northeast San Diego County on the Rincon Indian Reservation and is made of 100% Muscat. Exotic blossom aromas lead to succulent flavors of orange and nectarine, but the finish is crisp and dry. Unfiltered this has naturally occurring sediment in the bottle and is low in alcohol.

Pairing Notes: The Los Pilares "Muscat is killer with Chinese and Thai food. The grape itself works with those ingredients well. This Pet Nat is great with spice...So think about those exotic flavors. Indian food, too!"

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