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Hiyu Wine Farm of Hood River, Oregon

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Mindful Wine Journal: Producer Spotlight

Hiyu Wine Farm | Hood River Valley, Oregon

Hiyu is a 30 acre natural farm in the Hood River Valley, founded by Master Sommelier Nate Ready and his partner China Tresemer.* Located 22 miles from the peak of Mt. Hood, the mountain has an important influence on the climate of the farm, making it similar to winegrowing areas in the Alps. Though deeply inspired by Biodynamics, permaculture and regenerative agriculture, Hiyu Farm takes all of these to the next level. In addition to operating as whole ecosystem where every element—human, plants, animals, insects, fungi, etc—play an essential role, the farm also functions as incubator for developing farming systems that better address the needs of the planet for the future. Ready is specifically interested in viticulture’s Old World roots and the cultivation of field blends. He has over 100 varieties planted, and produces wines from twelve complex field blends. There is no mowing or tilling, and all vegetation is managed by livestock. In the vineyards, there is no hedging, green harvest, leaf pulling or other interruption of the vines growing cycle (only a single cut is done at pruning). Hiyu sprays 85% less material than a typical organic or biodynamic vineyard. They do not use any sulfur at any stage of production. Mildew and other diseases are controlled with herbal teas and sprays. In addition to wine, Hiyu Farm also produces heirloom apple cider in collaboration with a nearby Demeter-certified Biodynamic family orchard.

*Ready resigned from the Court of Master Sommeliers in June 2020 in solidarity with social and environmental justice causes.

What we love...


Produced in collaboration with a Biodynamic orchard at the base of Mt. Hood, this fermented with native yeasts and was raised in in old barrels with zero additions, resulting in a pure, unadulterated cider that tastes exactly as it should.

Pairing Notes: This complements a wide range of foods ...from sandwiches and salads to burgers, fish ’n chips - you name it.

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